Welcome To Designi

Designi’s services not seen anywhere else in the market. We bring our expertise of products and POP displays to every stage of the manufacturing process. We are specialists in both point of sale display manufacturing and consumer product development, capable of capturing your company’s ideas, turning them into functional designs and carrying them through the manufacturing process.

Bespoke Product Development and Manufacturing

By being strategically situated near Guangzhou, Shenzen and Hong Kong, we can capitalise on the most cutting-edge developments in manufacturing while streamlining production costs. We uniquely fuse the creativity needed to stand out in Western markets alongside the benefits of Eastern-centred execution.

From conceptualisation and production, all the way through to delivery, Designi keep the entire process in-house. That way we can make sure each product is high quality as standard.

Limitless, Streamlined, Creative

Our team consists of multi-skilled specialists that are experts in product management, production rollout and logistics, absolute design integrity through every step of the journey. We will provide you with frequent updates throughout the product development and manufacturing process and will customise our approach as per your company’s needs.

We are your complete backend manufacturing solutions partner.

To find out how we can help you bring your ideas to life, talk to us today.